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SMT/SMD Pogo Pin Keyboard

Short Description:

1. Good stability and long using life.

2. Structure is simple and compact.

3. Saving space and easy to connect with PCB.

Product Detail

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Plunger: Brass

Barrel: SUS316F

Spring: Stainless steel


Plunger: 5 micro-inch minimum Au over 50-120 micro-inch nickel

Barrel: 50-100 micro-inch minimum Cu over 100-150 micro-inch nickel

Spring: 1 micro-inch minimum Au over 30-50 micro-inch nickel

Electrical specification

Contact electrical resistor: 100 mOhm Max.

Rated voltage: 12V DC Max

Rated current: 1.0A

Mechanical performance

Life: 10,000 cycle min.


About Us

Remark: Considering the difference between test spot and actual work spot, the impedance test condition defined by Top-Link is based on the whole working stroke. This is what we generally said dynamic impedance testing, it differs from the static test condition of ELA-364923, the durability test standard is also based on this test condition.

The main customers are Honeywell, Samsung, SIEMENS AG, ZTE, 360, QCY, HAYLOU, Shanghai Laimu, Luxshare Group, Aoni Electronics, Ampheno Group and other well-known enterprises.


Smart wearable products (wristbands, watches), mobile phones (mobile antenna), digital cameras, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, learning machines, games products, handheld game consoles, GPS satellite navigation, aerospace electronics, medical equipment, military communications, toys, portable electronic products.

Since the establishment of Our company, our spirit of "excellent quality, intimate service" concept, "customer-centric, create more value for customers" core values, these help us win the majority of customers.

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Q1: Can you provide OEM & ODM service?

RQB: Yes, we are the experienced manufacturer in this industry, which can provide OEM and ODM service for Spring loaded pogo pin, pogo pin connector, magnetic connector, and magnetic charger cable.

Q2: Do you have the experience working with big electronic brands?

RQB: Yes, our products meet CE and RoHs, we have been having a long-term partnership with some of global renowned electronics brands such as Dyson, Fitbit, etc

Q3: Do you accept sample and small order?

RQB: Yes, we accept sample and small order. We can send you our existing samples for you to make a test, also can customize samples for your project. Except that we can accept small order to support your business.

Q4: How do you guarantee quality and lead time?

RQB: All of our products are 100% tested after production completed by our quality department. And we have 400 expereinced workers and advanced machines to guarantee lead time.

Q5: Can the pogo pin be repaired?

In some cases, a pogo pin can be repaired by replacing the spring or contact material, but in most cases it is more cost-effective to replace the entire pin. 

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