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DIP Spring Loaded Pin Pogo Socket

Short Description:

1. Good stability and long using life.

2. Structure is simple and compact.

3. Saving space and easy to connect with PCB.

Product Detail

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Plunger/barrel: Brass

Spring: Stainless steel


Plunger: 4 micro-inch minimum Au over 50-120 micro-inch nickel

Barrel: 4 micro-inch minimum Au over 50-120 micro-inch nickel

Electrical specification

Contact electrical resistor: 100 mOhm Max.

Rated voltage: 12V DC Max

Rated current: 1.0A

Mechanical performance

Life: 10,000 cycle min.



Intelligent wearable devices: Smart watches, smart wristbands, locator devices, Bluetooth headphones, smart wristbands, smart shoes, smart glasses, smart backpacks, etc.

Smart home, smart appliances, air purifiers, automatic controllers, etc.

Medical equipment, wireless charging equipment, data communication equipment, telecommunications equipment, automation and industrial equipment, etc;

3C consumer electronics, laptops, tablets, PDAs, handheld data terminals, etc.

Aviation, aerospace, military communication, military electronics, automobiles, vehicle navigation, testing fixtures, testing equipment, etc

Our Vision

Committed to be excellent POGO PIN manufacturersthe for both quality and cost on home and abroad, and leading connector technology development.

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Q1: Can pogo pin be used on medical equipment?

Yes, pogo pins can be used in medical devices, but their performance may be affected by factors such as sterilization requirements and compatibility with the materials used in the device. 

Q2: How to protect the pogo pin from damage?

Pogo needles can be protected from damage by using protective caps, caps or shields and minimizing exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Q3: What is the maximum current that the pogo pin can carry?

The maximum current a pogo pin can carry depends on a variety of factors, including the size and material of the pin, and the contact resistance of the connection.

Q4: What is contact resistance and why is it important?

Contact resistance is the resistance between the two mating surfaces of a connector. This is important because it affects the performance of the electrical connection. 

Q5: What types of pogo pins are there?

There are many types of pogo pins available, including surface mount, through-hole, and custom designs. 

3. Can the pogo pin be customized for a specific application?

Yes, pogo pins can be customized for specific applications by changing their shape, size and material.

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