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Waterproof and Moistureproof POGO PIN Pogo Pin Connector

Pogo pin pogo pin is a common connector, which has waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and other functions. The defense level is defined as three level standards, namely primary, intermediate and advanced (professional level).


The three levels of Pogo pin waterproof are defined as follows:

Primary three-proof standard: IP56—5 dustproof grade, 6 waterproof grade, 1.5M drop, regular vibration.

Intermediate three-proof standard: IP57—5 dustproof level, 7 waterproof level, 3M drop, regular vibration.

Advanced (professional) three-proof standard: IP68—6 dustproof level, 8 waterproof level, 5M drop, regular vibration.

1.Pogo pin pogo pin external rubber sleeve and rubber plug sealing Outdoor activity type and military three-proof terminal, the appearance of this kind of terminal is generally not very beautiful, it looks more powerful, and the function is relatively simple. The main users are outdoor adventurers, travel friends, and soldiers.

2. The Pogo pin spring needle has a built-in rubber pad and an external rubber plug

It can effectively waterproof and dustproof, and is widely used in traditional consumer terminals. However, due to the addition of external rubber plugs, many compromises have been made in appearance and product structure, and the use of external rubber plugs is too cumbersome, and small parts are easy to lose. Not reliable in use.

3. Pogo pin improves the I/O interface and removes the rubber plug

Waterproof function is a daily requirement of the terminal, and the key point that restricts the waterproof and airtightness of the terminal is the exposed I/O interface except for the gap between the cover. If the I/O interface itself is waterproof, there is no need to add a rubber cover.

Post time: Aug-15-2023