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How to install the magnetic connector?

The magnetic suction connector is a new type of connector, it does not need to be plugged and unplugged, it only needs to put the two connectors together, and it can be automatically absorbed, which is very convenient. Installing the magnetic connector is also very simple, let's introduce how to install the magnetic connector in detail.

Step 1: Preparations

Before installing the magnetic connector, we need to prepare some tools and materials, including magnetic connectors, connecting wires, pliers, scissors, wire strippers, etc. 

Step Two: Measure the Line Length Accurately

Peel off a section of insulation at both ends of the connecting wire, and then use scissors to clean the wire ends. Next, we need to accurately measure the length of the wire, align the cut length with the marked line on the connector, and insert the end of the wire into the wiring hole, making sure the plug is fixed in the wiring hole when inserting. Use pliers to bend the pins one by one to ensure a good contact. 

Step 3: Install the magnetic connector 

Insert the two connectors into their respective devices, and then put the two devices together, the magnetic connectors will automatically attract together to complete the connection. This completes the installation of the magnetic connector. 


Step 4: Test whether the connection is successful 

After the installation is complete, you should test to see if the connection was successful. This can be determined by checking the lights on both ends of the cable, whether the device is functioning properly, etc. 

It should be noted that before installing the magnetic connector, make sure that the power of the device is turned off to avoid personal injury or device failure. 

In short, the installation of the magnetic suction connector is very simple, you only need to accurately measure the length of the wire and insert it on the connector, and then put the connector together. It should be noted that the power is turned off before testing whether the connection is successful to ensure safety.

Post time: Jul-17-2023