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How to install pogo pin?

Nowadays, electrical and electronic products are developing in the direction of exquisiteness, easy installation and long service life. The small size and retractable design of the pogo pin spring thimble can solve the needs of today's electronic and electrical products. With the increase in quantity, various pogo pin spring thimble manufacturers have sprung up in the market. Many times, if we want to choose a more suitable product, we need to know in advance. Today, Haoye Xiaobian will tell you how to install the pogo pin spring thimble:

1. Surface mount

The pogo pin pogo pin is usually installed in a stable way, and the bottom of the pin tube is a flat bottom design, so we can use vertical or horizontal packaging, which makes it easier to solder with the PCB. Also, some of the needles have locating pins on the end so there is no offset and it works even better.

2. Straight solder tail installation method

Common plug-in package for easy welding. In addition, we often use the tail bend insert package, which also gives pogo pin manufacturers more options in terms of space utilization. 


3. Floating installation

It mainly adopts double-head double-action design, which is more suitable for connections without welding pressure, allowing engineers to have greater space flexibility when making two-way board-to-board connections.

There are many other installation methods for pogo pin pogo pins. We also need to choose according to our actual situation.

Post time: Jul-22-2023