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How to detect whether the pogo pin connector is good or bad

When purchasing pogopin connectors, you must first determine your own needs, and you can also make a preliminary understanding of pogopin connectors. There are many types of pogopin connectors on the market, and the manufacturers are also mixed. You must keep your eyes open.

1. The inspection of the pogo pin connector must be carried out when the ignition switch is turned off, otherwise the relevant electrical components will be damaged due to current self-inductance or short-circuit fault.

2. When using a pogo pin connector, first observe the interface mode of the pogo pin connector; the pogo pin connector can only be removed when the clip is loosened or the buckle is pressed. Never pull too hard. Pull hard. When reinstalling, the pogo pin connector should be inserted in reverse and lock the gear at the same time.

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3. When dismantling the pogo pin connector for inspection, carefully remove the holster to avoid damaging the holster and destroying the actual moisture-proof effect; when reassembling, you must wear moisture-proof clothing in time. Failure to do so may cause circuit failure due to water entering the pogo pin connectors.

4. When checking the pogo pin connector with a digital multimeter, do not use too much force on the metal terminal when inserting the instrument rod, so as to avoid deformation and loosening.

In terms of high and low temperature resistance, a good pogo pin connector must work normally at a high temperature above 200 degrees, and its parts cannot be damaged due to high temperature. Low temperature generally has to go through a low temperature test of minus 60 degrees, because the working position of the pogo pin connector is not fixed, and many devices need to work in special occasions, so this situation must be prevented.

The pogo pin connector must be strong and have very good vibration resistance. It can be used in some harsh environments. Keep working normally, and at the same time will not cause damage due to huge impacts, affecting the work of the machine.

Post time: Apr-07-2023