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How to choose the pogopin connector manufacturer that suits you?

As the size of digital products becomes smaller and smaller, the precision and space requirements for connectors are also getting higher and higher, which promotes the market share of pogo pin connectors to continue to grow; new pogo pins have been emerging in recent years For connector manufacturers, the competition in the domestic pogo pin connector market can be said to be very fierce. With the personalization of digital products, pogo pin connectors must follow the pace of the market in order to meet the needs of customers. Today we will briefly discuss how to choose pogo pin connector manufacturers suitable for our products.


he company decides to use pogo pin connectors as the connector parts of new products. At this time, you need to find a suitable pogo pin connector manufacturer to supply for yourself; how to choose one or two from the many pogo pin connector manufacturers as What about partners? First of all, you need to understand the requirements of the product, the ratio: current requirements, impedance, life, stability, and the different assembly methods of the product also have different packaging for pogopins. SMDs are required to be packaged in circles. To consider the approximate acceptable price range.

In order to ensure reliable quality, stable performance, and timely delivery of products for pogo pin connectors; we also need to go to the pogo pin connector factory to check. The scale, system, processing equipment, production capacity and R&D capabilities of the factory directly affect the product quality. and delivery capabilities and technical support. In addition to affecting production capacity, the scale of the factory also has a great impact on the price. Large-scale factories have more advantages in mass production costs.

Shenzhen Rongqiangbin Electronic Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional Pogo pin, Pogo pin connector factory, Production experience has been more than 10 years. Obtained the international authoritative ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, has a strong quality management team and environmental protection management system, and provides customers with products that meet various high-quality and environmental protection requirements.

Our company, Pogo pin factory, has a total of 256 sets of CNC lathes and cam automatic lathes.

POGOPIN parts production capacity: 100KK Pcs/Month (pogo pin manufacturer)

25 lines of POGO PIN assembly equipment, 10 assembly and testing equipment, and 8 assembly other automation equipment.

Finished product assembly capacity: 50KK Pcs/Month(Pogo pin connector manufacturer)

Post time: Sep-01-2023