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Characteristics of Big Current Spring Charging Pogo Pin

The functions of big current spring charging pogo pin mainly include three aspects: power transmission, data transmission, video transmission, and data transmission. The big current spring charging pogo pin can be processed into a magnetic charging cable by adding a harness part.

The using life of the spring charging pogo pin charging pin is longer than other ordinary charging pins, because the coating thickness on the surface of the spring charging pogo pin is much higher than that of the ordinary coating. The more it can resist external environmental corrosion, thereby protecting the connector and extending its service life. After the coating is expanded, the service life will be extended.

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Spring charging pogo pin has more stable performance than other ordinary charging pins. The electroplating layer on the surface of the connector can increase its ductility, durability, and wearing resistance greatly improved. The electroplating layer on the surface of the connector can make the impedance of the connector more stable, thereby making the electrical performance of the connector more stable.

The spring is a key component of the elastic force in the spring charging pogo pin, and the selection of the spring is also crucial. Springs are made of high carbon steel materials, commonly used materials include SWP, stainless steel, and beryllium copper. As is well known, SWP has good tensile properties, which can produce good mechanical life and large elastic value. However, this material is a highly magnetic material which is prone to rewinding at high temperatures and is corrosive. Therefore, treatment must be carried out before using. As for stainless steel material, it is a low magnetic material that can withstand high temperature, so it is also selected as a commonly used material. Regarding beryllium copper, it has excellent fatigue resistance and low impedance, but its tensile properties are relatively poor, and it is usually not a good choice when small wire diameters and large force values are needed. The role of spring charged pogo pins cannot be ignored, as the performance requirements and usage environment of spring charged Pogopins need to be considered when selecting materials.

Spring charging Pogopin is used for intelligent terminal devices such as smart devices, so stable current signals and resistors are needed to stabilize the performance of the device. Therefore, spring charging Pogopin manufacturers will first consider the resistance design of the ejector pin when designing to stabilize the performance of the device.

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Spring charging Pogopin requires repeated insertion and removal during operation, and there are also very strict requirements for its operating frequency.

With the continuous development of technology, intelligent devices are becoming smaller and more powerful, and their appearance is also changing. Therefore, spring charging Pogopins still have high requirements for accuracy.

Nowadays, many electronic devices consider waterproofing as their selling points, and spring charging pogo pins all have this function.

The positive force at the working point of the spring charging pogo pin is greater than 60g, and the maintaining force is stable at 0.5kgf/pin5.3. The thimble also has seismic resistance. The thimble has a vibration frequency of 10-500HZ for 15 minutes, an amplitude of 1.2mm, and a power outage of no more than 1 μ Sec. Impact resistance with contact impedance<100mOhm.

Finally, the high current spring charging pogo pin produced by professional charging pin manufacturers has strong wear resistance. The electroplating layer on the surface of the connector can isolate harmful substances in the environment, not only reducing damage to the connector, but also increasing its wear resistance.

Post time: Apr-07-2023