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Bending Spring Loaded Contact Pogo Pins

Short Description:

1. Good stability and long using life.

2. Structure is simple and compact.

3. Saving space and easy to connect with PCB.

Product Detail

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Plunger/barrel: Brass

Spring: Stainless steel


Plunger: 5 micro-inch minimum Au over 30-80 micro-inch nickel

Electrical specification

Contact electrical resistor: 50 mOhm Max.

Rated voltage: 5V DC Max

Rated current: 1.5A

Mechanical performance

Life: 10,000 cycle min.



Our company’s spirit of "customer first, integrity first" principle, has a strong POGO PIN industry technology production team, and a number of enterprises to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Our company has obtained ISO9001:2015 version of the international authoritative quality management system certification, has a strong quality management team and environmental management system, to provide customers with all kinds of high quality and environmental protection requirements of the products.

The main customers are Honeywell, Samsung, SIEMENS AG, ZTE, 360, QCY, HAYLOU, Shanghai Laimu, Luxshare Group, Aoni Electronics, Ampheno Group and other well-known enterprises.

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Q1: How to test the quality of pogo pin?

Pogo pins are quality tested using a variety of methods, including visual inspection, electrical testing, and environmental testing. 

Q2: What is contact resistance and why is it important?

Contact resistance is the resistance between the two mating surfaces of a connector. This is important because it affects the performance of the electrical connection. 

Q3: How to reduce contact resistance?

Contact resistance can be reduced by using high-quality materials, optimizing connector design, and keeping connectors in good condition.

Q4: What environmental factors will affect the performance of pogo pin?

Environmental factors that can affect pogo pin performance include temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration. 

Q5: How to clean the pogo pin?

There are several ways to clean the pogo pins, including wiping with a dry cloth, using a mild cleaning solution, or using compressed air.

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