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8 Pin Pogo pin Magnetic Connector

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If you don't find the size what you need, please provide your design drawing to us, we can customize it for you.

Magnetic connector applications

Smart-band & Bluetooth headset for charging

Smart-watch for charging

Tablet computer Project

LED light & Coffee machine

Pet tracking machine

Small electronic household appliance

Children's smart wristbands

Intelligent household products

Consumer electronics charging project

Intelligent wearable project

DC round head charging project.etc

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Q1: How to test the quality of pogo pin?

Pogo pins are quality tested using a variety of methods, including visual inspection, electrical testing, and environmental testing. 

Q2: What is contact resistance and why is it important?

Contact resistance is the resistance between the two mating surfaces of a connector. This is important because it affects the performance of the electrical connection. 

Q3: How to reduce contact resistance?

Contact resistance can be reduced by using high-quality materials, optimizing connector design, and keeping connectors in good condition.

Q4: What environmental factors will affect the performance of pogo pin?

Environmental factors that can affect pogo pin performance include temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration. 

Q5: How to clean the pogo pin?

There are several ways to clean the pogo pins, including wiping with a dry cloth, using a mild cleaning solution, or using compressed air.

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